The Challenge:

Drive consistent activation of Listerine Nightly Reset with millennials across EMEA markets.

Our Collaborative Approach:

We identified that shoppers found it difficult to navigate the category of mouthwash, not just because they felt everything looked the same, but because they saw mouthwash as ‘just a breath freshener.’

With this in mind, we needed to think about making Nightly Reset’s unique benefits stand out and create visual cut-through within the category.

We facilitated collaboration between core markets to ensure that all territories’ needs were met. By working with production partners, we developed a suite of POS assets that create a consistent message at each touchpoint in the shopper journey.

Dark blue colours, eye-catching iconography and bold benefit claims in our creative create a clear, standout message that Listerine Nightly Reset is more than ‘just a breath freshener’, inspiring shoppers at the point of purchase.

The Results:

We delivered a toolkit and created and supplied assets to local markets to ensure consistency in execution, whilst providing flexibility to trans-create.